Monday, January 25, 2010

Black Willows

The longer I seem to spend time with people, the harder it is to feel relaxed by myself. Like right now, sitting alone on my bed--- I feel strange. I don't feel like getting my diary, instead I'm trying not to waist the precious time that I have. It's 2:00 am, my friend just left 10 minutes ago, and I'm striving to find "Myself Time" to collect my thoughts.

I just finished the latest piece for my portfolio, I called it, "through the woods" I'll post here next time. I feel very blessed it turned out really well. You know what? I didn't have a place in the art world until G-d blessed me with the ability to draw flowers like I can now. The ability was so random, that I know it really is a miracle. I may not know as much as I should about the Bible, but I know in my heart that G-d loves me--- can you think of any blessings? :) Just sit down and think about them--- I feel that, just like I am right now, you will find that G-d really is AMAZING.


  1. Dear Erin (assuming that is your name)

    Your blog suggests you are young, open-hearted, charming, and a tryer. I do hope your God continues to help you.


  2. So where's the post? 'All I am is a student.' All I am? Good or bad, depending on what you mean.

  3. 'Through the Woods' sounds good. We're listening.