Sunday, July 25, 2010

Golden Fields of Wheat

The burden of the summer sun is weighing heavily on the hearts of all of us. Myself especially, I can feel the harvest season slowly ebbing away into the fall. Soon it will be August, then September, then we will be back to school again-- Although I am so happy to be going to University, after the Lord has blessed me with this opportunity, my soul is quietly aching for home again. I could be blinded and still know my way home through the dazzling sprawl of streets, find the homes of my friends, go to my favorite restaurants, and find my special spots. It's so comfortable here-- I am afraid to go to a city where the buildings lay out before me, like a labyrinth. Slowly climbing a mountain-less countryside, the monster (that is strangeness) might overwhelm me, and I will be lost in that maze.
I keep on telling myself, have faith, have faith. Don't worry about tomorrow, just leave it in His hands.
Lives are endless contradictions, "The end is just another beginning". Though I have fear, I can't wait for this new adventure.

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