Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hydrangea Charm

Dear Readers,
If you recall, I was very hesitant to leave my life in community college. My JC was the place where I struggled with the consequences of my actions in high school, where I fought with the ongoing question of "what God had in store for me", and where the Lord shaped me and molded me under the pressure of His healing hand. After the flames of the forge, I saw my community college as the safe haven where I could finally rest my burden.

Now at University, I think I am beginning to open my eyes to where I am in God's plan. Like the Hydrangeas (which symbolize perseverance), after being split, pruned, and buried in the rocky soil, the stems of past experiences are beginning to blossom into something beautiful!

The tools I learned in community college are coming in handy now, as I teach my friends! The lessons I learned from my past professors, are becoming the staple of my studies! Most of all, the traumatizing experience of senior year has become a visible mark on my mind---- reminding me of the temptation of idleness, and the reward of perseverance.

So, I am so excited now for my future! The experiences God has put me through are now my weapons of victory! Now, I will go strong into battle, knowing the Lord is on my side--- as should you. : )

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