Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Begonia

I honestly don't know why I am writing a blog . . . seems a little silly. . . Okay let me rephrase that. "WHY ON EARTH HAVE I STARTED A BLOG?!" 

Maybe its because I saw Julie/Julia this morning, or because since I already have a diary and I thought "well if I want people to hear my thoughts in a couple years why not now?" 

It isn't that I'm narcissistic its just that . . . well, why not start a blog? 

This blog is about grasping the reality that in one month, my friends will be off towards Brown, Stanford, Caltech, Berkeley, UCLA, etc. and I'll be stuck here, [insert boring city]. For another 2-3 years because of my horrible work ethic this year . 

God had blessed me with the opportunity to enter [insert prestigious school], but I messed up. It was a case of pride and foolishness, one that I am sure even the perky Begonia would have been ashamed of. 

"'Beware I am Fanciful!'"(The meaning of Begonias [Internet Florist]) has been ringing in my ears for the last 3 months. I can only say that after this experience God has let me go through, I am more humbled. 

Now I am picking up the pieces of my life, trying to make up for chronic carelessness, lost time, and arrogance in order to transfer from community college in two years.

This is a blog about Finding a Future.

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