Saturday, August 15, 2009

Clay Flowers

This morning my grandmother came over and like the most absurdly wonderful grandmother in the world, brought us to my new community college so she could look around. The first thing she said was,
 "I never saw such a beautiful campus, Erin, I think it'd be wonderful to study here." I could have kissed her. "You know, I went to community college too and so did your father. We both graduated there [. . .] don't worry you'll find classes" 

About that time, I lost one of my clay flowers I glued to my nail that morning 1 of 2.

The next one I lost at my friend's party. 

But finally at 12:01 am exactly I logged onto [insert community college website] and was finally able to register for classes!!!!!

I have classes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REAL-- FOR REAL CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so ecstatic! Nothing can err me now except for the fact I have pilates tomorrow, and after a whole summer of no ballet classes, I'm going to be so sore!

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