Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please, Let It be the White Rose

On my first and last prom, I gave my date a white rose. 

It was a perfect flower; not yet bloomed, yet so delicate, so beautiful . . .

The Florist warned me, if I should touch it, it would die during the dance, so I kept it safe. I cradled the box in my lap all the drive home, imagining his face would light up when he saw it. 

Reflecting on it now, I was free from worry, or doubt. I just knew that everything would turn out the way I had hoped, because I imagined that when I was with the one I so loved, even the storms would be clouds in the sky. 

I looked up "White Rose" the next day. "You are heavenly", "Humility", "Youth", "Innocence" [Internet Florist], how amazing that the flower should reflect everything I was feeling. 

If everyone's feelings were displayed by flowers, we would have such a colorful world. Even the bad times would be filled with joy and delight. This is the way a good friend told me that we should see God. 

We should treasure our feelings that we have for Him, cherishing the love it brings our hearts when we think on him. Full of innocence, and humility . . . I want to be that White Rose because everyday is a struggle to stay cheerful. But knowing God is there, I should constantly remind myself of that perfect white rose that was waiting to fully bloom, to become even more precious, to bring more joy. Just like how God will one day use us to spread love and His Holy Name. 

Right now, I'm waiting to see if registrations from [insert community college] will open up, and I'll be able to find classes for this semester so I can begin my life. I'm scared. I'm praying that everything will turn out okay, but somewhere inside of me is telling me, be strong, have faith. God has his plan for you. 

So in my heart I'm also praying. Please, my faith, my feelings, let it be the White Rose; strong, sure, in its pure intentions, quiet, subtle, and Innocent. 

I'm not a Biblical scholar this blog is about me learning to find my way back onto the path. God is my guide, and everyday I feel I'm getting closer to him. Hoping never to stray again.

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