Monday, August 10, 2009

Gladiolus means FIght!

I woke up this morning thinking 2 things:
1. My Life is an absurd mess that I don't know how to handle and . . .

I keep still to the promise that God has given me, that if I work hard and have faith in Him, I will prosper."The heavy weights that tie me down, will become wings of hope." (Springs in the Desert Devotional Reading) The problem is that I can't even get past the first part without messing up!

All the courses in my local community college are full to the nth extent, meaning that I can't seem to register for one single course. The one course that IS open needs to go through the whole prerequisite process, which requires going to the community college. For someone who can't drive yet, THIS IS A PROBLEM! 

To make matters worse after desperately trying to sign up for another community college I realized after submitting the application . . . I put in the WRONG email address!! I had one of those weird email addresses that Apple gives you and then makes you pay for later and when my first FREE term expired I was thinking "Psh! Like I'm gonna pay that kind of money for an email." And well, now I have a problem. 

Do I ask my mom to pay for it, Go through the whole stupid process of calling up the school, dealing with idiots? Or do I sign up for DeVry who seems to be panting behind me like some kind pedophile on my doorstep? 

Gladiolus's are like lily plants, who are named for gladiator swords. Unfortunately I can't seem to muster their type of tenacity before breaking down into a nervous wreck. 

What should I do?

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